The damage a single rat can cause is something that no homeowner wants to encounter. Unfortunately, rats rarely come one at a time, and far too many homeowners in our nation have had to experience dealing with an infestation. If you find yourself facing a rat problem, there are steps you can take to regain control of your home or other property, and rid yourself of the issue for good.

What can you do?


Necessities Design
target the necessities

Food, water, and shelter are the basic necessities of life for any living creature. If you target the sources of these necessities, you remove a rat’s ability to live where it is undesirable, so start with the food source. Unfortunately, hungry rats will eat almost anything, so you cannot be discriminatory when removing any and all food sources from the problem area. This includes removing pet feeders, keeping food in airtight containers, cleaning religiously, and decluttering.

Access Code
Find All access points

To keep rats from entering your home, you need to learn where their entrance points are. Rats can fit into any opening large enough for their heads, so anything at least the size of a quarter should be considered a problem. Examine the entire exterior of your home, especially all areas near the foundation, in crawl spaces, under doors, around vents, and where wires or plumbing enter your home through the wall, and then block any holes that you find.

Professional Performance
Hire An expert

A professional pest exterminator is often the best route to take when you have more complex rat problems. These pest control professionals have extensive experience in all types of pest removal and some may specialize in rats due to heavy infestation problems in certain geographical areas. Whether your goal is humane removal or you simply want them gone, an exterminator will be more likely to finish the job quickly and efficiently, many times with a guarantee.

prevent disease

Treat the infested area

Rats often carry potentially deadly diseases, such as bubonic plague, hantavirus, and leptospirosis. It is vital that following any treatment for a rat infestation that you thoroughly sanitize the entire infected area. Use a spray recommended by your exterminator and let it sit for at least five minutes before attempting to clean up any soiled debris or droppings. Now you’re ready to reclaim your home from problem rats.